About us

I never used to have an alternative.


I’d either take a protein shake and deal with the poor taste and bloated stomach, or I didn’t take it.


However, thanks to research there is another choice.


There IS another whey, you could say.


It’s called Hydrolysed Whey. And for over 20 years large corporate brands have chosen to use cheaper ingredients to make more money or charged you £60 a kg to buy it.


Until now.


I’ve bought Hydrolysed Whey back to the mainstream. And made it affordable. And delicious.


Designed by someone with an intolerance to typical protein shakes FOR people with the same problem.


Add to this a richer taste, a more effective recovery and a brand that gives back to charity for every purchase and you get… WHEYD.


We’re creating a change in the industry. Help us by being part of that change.



Adam French

Founder of WHEYD 


grass fed whey protein