whey'd Customer Testimonial - Tom Auckland

Meet Tom, a Captain for various sailing boats around the world. Tom definitely lives the life and if you follow him on Instagram (@tomauckland) you’ll see why!

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Tom doesn’t have the routine life of a busy city professional, he, sometimes quite literally, wakes up in a different country every week. Tom’s job requires him to be very fit and healthy, however being on board a boat 90% of the time isn’t the easiest place to carry large bags of whey or chicken breast around. All essential to ensure he’s hitting his protein targets which are much needed if he wants to keep the boats above water!


Tom’s been taking whey’d sachets for a few months now and was involved in the testing stage to ensure the sachets were durable enough and we can safely say that they’re good enough to last the high seas!

 “Convenience and quality are key for me and luckily whey’d has both. The sachets are extremely durable and 100% waterproof and they taste great with water!”




whey protein sachets whey'd wheyd whey protein

If, like Tom, you travel a lot and want an easier way to supplement your diet with a pocket sized, pure protein source then visit our store. Our subscription package ships worldwide to keep you safely supplemented on your travels!