Workout 1 - "Black Jacks"

Workout 1 - Black Jacks

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For time, complete the following:

·       21 Air Squats

·       1 Burpee


·       20 Air Squats

·       2 Burpees


·       19 Air Squats

·       3 Burpees



Until a final round of:

·       1 Air Squat

·       21 Burpees


45min Time Cap

Tip - remember each round is 22 reps (Air Squats + Burpees)

Scoring: fastest time = best score

Head over to our Competition Corner event page for full details (including full list of rounds): 

Score deadline:

To win Workout 1 (and prize) - you must submit your score by Sunday 29th March, 22:00 (10pm) GMT. 

You can still enter your score after this time but you won't be able to win the below prize.

Please note, if you want to win, you need to film your workout!

Final deadline for ALL WORKOUTS is Friday 10th April 22:00 (10pm) GMT.

Workout Prize

The fastest Elite Male and Elite Female times will win:

1 x Built for Athletes Hero Backpack (worth £59.99) each.

Programming by Emma McQuaid - click here.