Workout 5 - "Hawaii Five-O"

Workout 5 - "Hawaii Five-O"

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For Time, complete 2 Rounds of:

·       50 Air Squats

·       50 Lunges (25 each side) Forward OR Back - your choice!

·       50 Sit-Ups (ab-mat not required/optional)

·       50 Push-Ups

·       50 Toe Touch Star Jumps

Movements must be completed in the above order.

You must complete 50 reps of each movement before going on-to the next movement.

Scoring: fastest time = best score


Toe Touch Star Jumps

  • Start in a standing position 
  • You must clearly touch your toes with your hands
  • Your star jump must be performed with hands overhead and feet over shoulder width apart

Each no rep will result in a 1 second penalty.


  • These can be backward or forward as long as it's 25 per leg (per round)
  • Ensure the lower knee touches the floor
  • Ensure the front leg shin is vertical (improper lunges will be penalised)
  • You must complete full knee and hip extension when standing

Each no rep will result in a 1 second penalty.



 Male Elite & Female Elite Winners will receive:

1 x OLY Clothing Jumper (each)

1 x OLY Clothing Performance Range Product (Vest or T-shirt) (each)


Score submission deadline = Tuesday 7th April, 22:00 (10pm) GMT.



To be eligible to win, you will need to film the workout.

Click here for info on how to film & upload. We recommend downloading the WODProof app for free.

Uploading a video isn't mandatory, however we will request the videos of the top 10 athletes for each workout to check standards.


Programming by Emma McQuaid - click here.