Workout 6 - "Burning Burpees"

Workout 6 - "Burning Burpees"

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7 Min AMRAP of Max Burpees.

A simple one. Complete as many burpees as you can in 7 minutes.


Scoring: highest reps = best score



The highest scoring Elite Male and Elite Female will win:

1 x WHEYD Mega Bundle (1 x 30 serve bag, 1 x Shaker, 25 sachets)


Score submission deadline = Friday 10th April, 22:00 (10pm) GMT.


To be eligible to win, you will need to film the workout.

Click here for info on how to film & upload. We recommend downloading the WODProof app for free.

Uploading a video isn't mandatory, however we will request the videos of the top 10 athletes for each workout to check standards.


Workout Standard 


·       Chest & thighs must touch floor

·       You must jump vertically with full hip & knee extension (both feet must leave floor)

·       Arms must extend overhead during jump


Programming by Emma McQuaid - click here.