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I thought I’d write a blog that explains a little bit more about our whey protein sachets and the story behind their existence.

In the beginning

As with most other people that go to the gym, I would take my gym bag, including my protein supplement, on my daily commute. Adding to this, living in London meant carrying my bag on the tube. Now the tube can be a tin of sardines at the best of times, add to this a large gym bag & my daily commute got more interesting.

I’ve spent years (that’s no exaggeration!) trying to find the simplest & most convenient way to protein powder on the go.

This would involve decantering from a large bag into a smaller container and then throwing into my gym bag. I’d then have to buy another scoop for this little tub and most of the time it didn’t fit. When I’d finish my workout, with the lack of glucose left in my body and the over the top gym shakes, I’d try and scoop the whey in my shaker and 9.5 times out of 10 it would go everywhere must to the disgust of either my colleagues (whilst at my desk) or the gym manager (whilst in the changing room).

Can’t I just buy whey at the gym I thought – what a revolutionary idea, I can’t be the only one with this frustration can I? But no, unless I wanted a kilo of over-priced whey each time (tempting…) my dream had to end there.

I tried other ways to take whey such as using protein shakers with a section for a single serving of whey however with an hour long commute and a MUCH needed hearty breakfast who has time to decanter a serving every day?!

I also tried using sample sachets of protein powder. Great I thought, just throw in my bag and decanter on the go. Wrong again. These sachets are designed to be more hassle than good – again the whey would go everywhere and I was back to being enemy numero uno. Okay – let’s forget the whey I thought. It’s not for me. Let’s try some ready to drink shakes or bars, the holy grail of convenience…after a lot of research however, there just weren’t any that weren’t full of sugar or tasted like they were made with chocolate cement.

Introducing whey’d sachets

The only natural solution was to stop feeling sorry for myself and step up and solve the problems myself. Fast forward 12 months of searching for the most ethical, sustainable and high quality whey protein (which I found in Ireland) and countless visits to manufacturers to develop a bespoke sachet that I could easily decanter, I had created a beta version of my whey protein sachets.

After getting AMAZING feedback from PT’s & Sports Nutritionists on the quality of the whey and hallelujah moments from people that transport large tubs of whey and now have a perfect alternative, I decided it was time to develop the final whey’d brand.

And the rest, as they say, is history. Time to follow up on my promise and mission to ensure as many people that had the same frustrations as myself now can grab a whey protein sachet for the road!


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