What problems does whey'd overcome?

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whey’d wasn’t started just because the world needed another whey protein brand on the market – believe us, that definitely isn’t the case! whey’d was created to scratch the itches that the other brands were just ignoring.

Below are some questions that I heard constantly and also all resonated with me. So find out the problems that whey’d was set up to overcome – you’ll be surprised how many it does!

Problem 1 – “whey is difficult to transport (I hate having to decanter into tupperware or my shaker each day!)

whey’d solution – whey’d sachets were developed and tested over 6 months with sports enthusiasts and PT’s to be:

  •  Durable on-the-go
    • Whether that’s at the bottom of a gym bag or suitcase, the sachet will withstand anything! They’ll even keep the whey dry underwater!!
  • Easy and simple to open
    • The simple nick on the whey’d sachet allows you to open across the top, easily allowing it to be opened fully without causing a mess (something all other sample sachets do not when we tested!)
  •  Hassle free to decanter
    • Once opened, the sachet can be decantered fully and easily into any shaker with no mess. Gym owners - say goodbye to whey powder everywhere!
  •  It looks sexy
    • Nobody wanted an image of a muscle clad man in pants or complicated terminology on their current packaging. So we stripped all that back (excuse the pun) to give only the essential information with a sleek design.


Problem 2 – “whey powder isn’t available in single servings at my gym. I have to pay for a £5-£6 shake at the café or buy the milkshakes and protein bars in the vending machine which are high in sugar”

whey’d solution – whey’d sachets were born to be convenient. We have a simple point of sale box for gyms to place on a desk and they fit perfectly in vending machines. So leave the tubs at home and grab a sachet of high quality whey for your post workout protein shake in your gym!


Problem 3 – “my current whey brand has no identity or customer service. It doesn’t give anything back to those in need - 25p for every £30 bag just isn’t enough!”

whey’d solution – we pride ourselves on personal customer service and each and every order has a personal hand written note. We always answer each question individually rather than point people to a Q&A section on our site.

We also give approx 9% of our turnover to charity. Not 0.5% of turnover or 5% of net profit. Our mission isn’t to make the most amount of money and give a fraction of that to a good cause. whey’d work with B1G1 to pay for administration costs (on top of the 9% we give) so that, for every sachet sold, a glass of milk is given to a child in need. A one-for-one model for supplementing everyone’s diet.


Problem 4 – “My whey brand is cheap but not the best available. I only take it because it’s popular and I don’t know what else to take

whey’d solution – The larger sports nutrition brands have been instrumental at popularising whey and other products for the masses, however, the products are predominately designed for cost over quality.

At whey’d, it’s purely about quality at an affordable price. No substandard products, only the highest quality and purest whey from a sustainable and superior source. We’re experts in our one field, rather than a jack of all trades.


Problem 5 – “I don’t know where my whey is sourced? Are the dairy cows indoor or outside?”

whey’d solution – We strongly believe in giving people as much information about where our whey is sourced and the condition that our dairy cows are in. We know how they’re kept because we’ve personally met the farmers and the cows! Our cows are Irish and graze outside on rich green, GMO-free grass more than any other in the Northern Hemisphere. Find out more here.

If your current whey brand doesn’t tell you anything about exactly where your whey is sourced, then surely this is a BIG red flag!?


Problem 6 – “My current whey tastes horrible – I have to hold my nose and down it in one just to take it!

whey’d solution – Hydrolysed Whey Protein Isolate has a history of being quite bitter due to the hydrolysis and removal of fat and sugar, however we’ve worked with experts in flavourings (yes that’s an actual job!) and the University of South Carolina to formulate 2 flavours that taste amazing.

Some customer reviews;

The chocolate flavour tastes like actual Lindt! This is no joke!” Elaine, Sussex

 “I usually hate Strawberry flavoured stuff but this is amazing!” – Cheryl, Gloucestershire

Problem 7 – “whey gives me an upset stomach & gas

whey’d solution – A common problem with Whey Protein Concentrate (the cheaper whey protein) is that it’s higher fat and sugar (lactase) content doesn’t sit well on the stomach for high protein users.

Our whey’d is hydrolysed which means all the fat and sugar has been filtered out and the protein is partially broken down. What this means is that it’s digested A LOT easier and quickly gets to your muscles, preventing upset stomachs.


I’ve always steered clear of whey due to bad past experiences, however I tried a whey’d sachet and had no upset stomach for a change! Love it!” – Ollie, London

So there it is, all the world's problems with all the world's solutions... well maybe. Hopefully this gives you a guide to why we set up whey'd and the problems our product solves!

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