New whey'd partner - Claridges Hotel, London.

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claridges hotel

Our mission at whey’d is to provide pure, high quality whey protein powder. Giving people easier access to an ethical, outdoor, grass-fed, GMO-free source of whey is something that was previously merely a myth, until whey’d came along!

Part our mission is to work with people & companies that have the same desire to provide individuals, like yourself, with the purest, simplest forms of high quality products.

That’s where Claridge’s Hotel have come in.

One of the most prestigious and reputable hotels in the world, Claridge’s have wowed customers for over 200 years with their amazing customer service and attention to detail. They even have long-standing connections with royalty, leading to being known as the “annexe to Buckingham Palace”!

Claridge’s fitness suite is run by head trainer Steve Mellor, who works with clients in a small but efficient gym, offering members and guests a great option for staying fit. As part of their gym membership, fitness bods are offered a post workout silver platter, holding a protein shake, coconut water and protein balls – offering the perfect balance of protein & nutrients needed for recovery.

whey protein sachets whey protein whey'd wheyd

After first being introduced to Steve, the collaboration to get whey’d powder included in the shakes and balls was one that didn’t take long. Claridge’s pride themselves on offering all guests and members only the best quality products, so using whey’d powder was a natural enhancement of their offering, to help give a boost to their post-gym platter.

Claridge’s loved not only the quality and richness of nutrients that whey’d provides, but also our ethos of giving something back to charity. The fact that every sachet provides a glass of milk to a child in need was important to them.

Claridge’s head chef Martyn Nail is working with his team in the kitchen to even further enhance the post workout supplementation and it’s great to be working so closely with a Michelin Star chef who loves what whey’d stands for.

claridges martyr nail adam french whey protein sachets

Keen to make the most of the amazing canvas that Claridge’s offers, we managed to get access to the famous Penthouse Suite, once lived in by Sir Winston Churchill, to get some shots of our whey’d sachets in action. Staying fit and healthy when travelling can be very hard (mainly due to no brands offering convenient travelling options) and our sachets were designed to do just that – help people easily supplement on-the-go.


claridges whey protein sachets wheyd whey'd

Protein is a macronutrient that your body constantly needs through the day and it can be difficult (without good preparation) to get a good source of protein when travelling. Our sachets are easily portable and allow you to take a high-quality whey on-the-go, just thrown a few in your travel bag and a-whey’d  you go!!

whey protein sachets wheyd whey'd       

We’re really looking forward to working closely with Claridge’s going forward as they help us achieve our mission and stay tuned as we’ve got some great hotel workouts that you can use to keep you in-shape after checking in!

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