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I wanted to write a quick blog on the importance of whey’d being a ‘Business for Good’ in working with the social enterprise and non-profit organization – B1G1 (Buy1Give1).

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When setting up whey’d, one the most important aspects was to be able to incorporate a social responsibility to be able to help those in need along the way. Businesses have the power to change the world for good by offering simple ways to be able to give back when buying products, something that’s not done enough in my opinion.

Luckily for me, some 2 years before whey’d was even formed, a group of small-business owners had an idea. They asked. “What would happen if we all gave back just by doing the things we do every day?”. Fast forward and they were able to design the systems and processes necessary to make it work, and their dream is now a reality with companies being able to make a giving impact with each designated business transaction.

whey’d are one of the 2,300 members that form part of the social enterprise and we help cover the administration costs so that 100% of the money contributed from each sale goes towards our selected cause.

As a sports supplement brand, we wanted to find a cause that matches our overall mission to help positively improve people’s diets, and as such we contribute to a project managed by the Sage Foundation – so for every sachet sold, a glass of milk is given to help supplement a child’s nutrition.

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More about our project:

Help a child grow up normally and healthily by covering the costs of providing 200ml of milk for a day (2 glasses on 100ml a day). Many impoverished children develop mild mental retardation due to malnutrition or suffer from impaired cognitive development, permanently crippling them for a lifetime. The provision of milk will give a child living on a simple diet an important source of nutrition, enabling them to develop normally.

Our purpose & mission

Our sole purpose in working with B1G1 is to help give back and not just to increase our social profile. There are many businesses out there that give 25p from every £30-£40 sale to charity but for me that’s just not enough. I encourage you to push your favourite brands or employer to incorporate B1G1 into its business operations as the sum of all will have a much bigger impact.

Our mission at whey’d is to give 250,000 glasses of milk to children in need within the next 12 months – so watch this space!

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