Q&A with Andrew - 'The Corporate Fitness Guy'

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Over the next few weeks we'll be interviewing some of our wonderful whey'd customers and athletes to give you a feel about what their typical day looks like - both for nutrition & exercise. Again another simple way to see how different people are able to incorporate a healthy lifestyle around their busy lives! 

This week we're speaking with Andrew. Andrew has worked in FTSE 100 businesses for the last decade & also runs The Corporate Fitness Guy (TCFG) on the side - so he's a busy man! He is a qualified L3 personal trainer and nutrition coach and his plans help cut through the mountains of contradictory information on health & fitness to help busy people reach their goals and balance it alongside work and socialising. For a free blueprint to get a taster of his content - click here.

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Daily routine

5.45am- Wake up, black coffee, gym kit on out the door.

6.00am– Boat to London bridge / personal admin / social media for TCFG

6.40am – 8am – 45 mingym session / shower

8.00am – Skinny latte and walk to office

Breakfast – porridge and protein shake / eggs on toast.  If on the go – latte and protein bar.  Fast if big client lunch / dinner.

8.15am – 1pm– Work in office / at customer meetings

Mid-morning snack– Skinny latte

Lunch- bought from home or bought at nearby café if on the go

1.30pm – 5.30pm – Work in office / at customer meetings

Afternoon snack– Leftovers from night before

6.00pm– Boat home / work calls / social media for TCFG

6.45pm – 7.30pm – work for TCFG

7.30pm– Home cooked dinner - Meat or fish, carbs and lots of veggies / out with friends / work – try and eat similar.

9pm– Snack - corn cakes, quark and jam

10.30pm– Pack for morning / Bed

Favourite snack?

Ember jerky

If you only had 15 minutes to exercise what would you do and why?

Bodyweight hiit – high intensity interval training – short sharp burst with minimal rest.  Push ups / burpees / squat jumps etc. – great way to get a sweat on quickly!

Best tips for keeping fit & healthy whilst doing a busy job?
  1. Build healthy & fitness into your lifestyle, make it a natural habit vs a chore. Make it a part of what defines you as a person.  Don’t be ‘on or off the bandwagon’ and sacrifice health & fitness for work.  You will reap the rewards in your career of incorporating it into your life – all of the most successful people in business have a health & fitness regime.
  1. Plan the week out where possible and be accountable – you ALWAYS have a choice to some degree. If things change, no stress though, role with it and recover the following day – don’t write the week off.
  1. Consistency is key – have a plan that works for you and is sustainable. Be realistic – banning foods / killing yourself with too many gym sessions isn’t going to work long term – short term fixes and fad diets don’t work!
  1. Don’t sit still for too long and get those steps in! Make sure you get up and move / get a standing desk / have a walking meeting outside / ensure you get your 10K steps in a day at a minimum.
 Favourite meal of all time? (doesn’t have to be healthy!)

Chicken curry with rice AND chips!

 Favourite exercise?

Circuit based heavy weight training

Surprising fact about yourself?

Qualified personal trainer & nutrition coach whilst holding down a full time corporate career.




That's all folks. Stay tuned for more Q&A sessions coming soon!


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