Q&A with George Lloyd

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This week we're speaking with George Lloyd. Barry's London Bootcamp trainer and all round nice guy. 


Daily routine:

7am - Wake up - shower, breakfast from Fresh Fitness Food

8:20am - Head to teach my 9:30am Barry's Bootcamp Class!

Post class - Have second breakfast; usually some salmon, eggs avocado

11:30am - Train at the gym

1pm - 6pm - Come back to home area, chill, do any other secondary projects, plan some classes for the forthcoming days

7pm - Leave to teach my 7:50pm Barry's Bootcamp class

Pre bed meal - Oats, whey'd protein powder, sometimes dark chocolate if I’m rewarding myself!

Favourite Snack?

Protein Porridge ALL DAY! (using the wonder whey'd of course - 1 sachet in my oats is the perfect amount)

If you only had 15 mins to exercise, what would you do?

Full body Metcon.  Barbell Squat thrusters are a great go to, under a time cap with as many rounds as possible to get a real burnout!!

Best tips for keeping healthy whilst busy?
  1. Pre Prepare meals to prevent cravings and the urges to buy on the go - save time by having everything prepared beforehand
  2. FIND TIME TO TRAIN - it must be a staple of your day to day - whether thats early before work or in the eveniong, it has to be done! Classes/ bootcamps are great to go to (such as Barry's Bootcamp) because its an incredibly effective workout in an hour of your time, and all entirely prepared for you to just do!
  3. BALANCE! Its so important to keep balance in your day to day lives. We become so bugged down with diet plans and strict eating we forget what it means too enjoy ourselves. Allow yourself the odd treat once a week to lift the endorphins and make you appreciate your hard work throughout the week.
Favourite Meal?


Favourite Exercise?

DEADLIFTS! Really practising them twice a week now has brought me back my love for them! A great full body mass builder

Surprising fact about you?

I used to work in a Finance office job! NEVER AGAIN!



That's all folks. Stay tuned for more Q&A sessions coming soon!

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